This is How Conservatives Can Start to Strike Back Against Social Media Propaganda

Now that the 2020 presidential election is complete in its thievery, not to mention the gang-raping the Constitution took from the Deep State, the Democrats and Big Tech, the following just might be a 21st century answer to the Boston Tea Party.

But much like how the Sons of Liberty didn’t take-up arms against the enemy that night long ago in Boston Harbor, the dumping of all that British tea sent a clear message to the oppressors that’s we’d hit ’em where it hurt.

Namely, a chickenshit tax levied by the Crown nearly two-and-a-half centuries ago, and now a bungled, Keystone Kops-styled theft of an election that was obvious to even the most dimwitted liberal mouth-breather.

Without a doubt, the honchoes of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google) are openly complicit in the illegal selection of the Biden-Harris ticket to occupy the Executive Branch of the federal government.

This might be an interesting way to e-heave a box of tea into the harbor; go to (but don’t subscribe) to the official social media sites of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, then give the appropriate thumbs-down and/or scowling face.

Maybe even a few appropriate comments here and there. Of course, provided stopped the comments or “adjusted” the thumbs-up/thumbs-down numbers.

The official Biden White House FB site.

The official Youtube Joe Biden site.

The official Youtube Kamala Harris site.

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