(VIDEO) Biden’s America: Slavery Now De Facto Legal Again, Liberal Media Yawns


Senile Joe has made no secret that he envisions America’s border with Mexico as a relic of the past. For all intents and purposes, the doors have been flung wide open. Come one, come all. No questions asked.

As sad as it is predictable, the Democrats have put zero thought into this latest scheme to weaken the fabric of the nation.

downloadsdPossibly in a move to either desensitize us or to just make the word more palatable, slavery is now known as the politically correct (and rather sterile) phrase of “human traffickers.”  

Human traffickers, my ass. It’s slavery pure and simple.

Keep in mind that it was under the Biden watch that President Trump’s Operation Talon was cancelled.

Unfamiliar with Op Talon? It was the Trump initiative to crack-down on sexual offenders illegally in the United States, to include modern-day sex slavers.

As reported by FNC, 18 state’s attorneys generals have requested that Biden reinstate Op Talon. But after nearly two months, still nothing.

Is it just me or are the Democrats doing everything in their power to Make Slavery Great Again?

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