Beijing Joe Blatantly Lies About Trump, Liberal Media Silent



During today’s slow-pitch softball game held at the White House, Joe Xiden made sure he got his digs in against President Trump.

Sadly for the American people, the Thief-in-Chief blatantly lied. Just as sad, but completely predictable, the Establishment Media is and will continue to totally cover for this bumbling idiot. 

Specifically, Xiden mumbled (emphasis mine);

No American president, at least one did, but no American president ever backed-down from speaking out of what’s happening to the Uyghurs, what’s happening in Hong Kong, what’s happening in, in, in, in-country.

That’s who we are. The moment a president walks away from that, as the last one did, is the moment we begin to lose our legitimacy around the world. It’s who we are.

NOTE: the video below doesn’t show the entire press conference, just the above cited quotes.

But speaking of the Uyghurs, obviously this dope never heard of something called Public Law 116-145, better known as the Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act of 2020. And yes, it was President Trump who signed that into law.

According to the official congressional website (cited above), the gist of this law is “This bill imposes sanctions on foreign individuals and entities responsible for human rights abuses in China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous region and requires various reports on the topic.”

Then there comes the truth regarding Hong Kong. President Trump also signed into law Public Law No: 116-149, also known as Hong Kong Autonomy Act.

Again, according to the official congressional website, “This bill imposes sanctions on foreign individuals and entities that materially contribute to China’s failure to preserve Hong Kong’s autonomy.”

Again, it was President Trump who signed this bill into law.

So as we all can plainly see, Xiden is simply a liar. Period.

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