Forget About Biden: Japan, South Korea, Taiwan Need a Mutual Defense Pact, Complete with Nukes

Members of Japan’s Amphibious Rapid Deployment Brigade, the first Japanese Marines since WWII.

Joe Xiden has better things to do than to defend our stalwart allies in East Asia from any military aggression coming from Communist China.

When I say “better things”, I mean things like attempting to force Richard Torres-Estrada on the US Special Operations Command to become their new Diversity and Inclusion Czar.

Obviously, the search is on for left-handed, morbidly obese, asexual Eskimo with a Masters in Lesbian Dance Theory to strengthen the ranks of the Special Ops Command.

Hey, even SOCom is welcoming this yutz with open arms.

Color me jaded, but that doesn’t say a helluva lot to me of the warfighting mindset of the generals and admirals over at SOCom.

But back to the question at hand. As I’ve already alluded to, the last three democracies remaining in East Asia; Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, better get hot on defending themselves if and when the Beijing government strikes.

Interestingly enough, any type of East Asian mutual defense treaty would be anchored by Japan. The remaining two nations were once a part of the now-former Empire of Japan.

Nonetheless, any vestiges or gripes of Japanese colonialism best be forgotten. Any fights with mainland China will be a figurative Three Musketeers sans D’Artagnan.

Besides, nothing against the fighting prowess of the South Koreans or the Nationalist Chinese, but it’s Japan that has the population and industrial infrastructure to take the lead. But while I’m speaking of the South Koreans, the ROK (Republic of Korea) Marines are easily in the top three dedicated amphibious assault units on the planet.

But the question remains, could these three nations united under a single organic command actually hurt Communist China effectively?

In a short answer: Yes.

Throughout the years, the Western press has been asking out loud of the if any of the three East Asian democracies have a nuclear deterrent already in place.

The American Interest just a few short years ago already surmised that Japan not only has a secret “nuke in the basement”, they also have enough weapons-grade material to construct 5,000 nuclear bombs. That’s a lot of nukes in a lot of basements.

Then we come to South Korea. Back in 2017, Newsweek cited a 2015 report from Charles D. Ferguson, president of the Federation of American Scientists, that “South Korea alone can feasibly produce 4,300 nuclear bombs.”

Now it comes to the Nationalist Chinese. National Interest reported that as of 1987, Taipei was “thought to have been just one or two years away from a bomb.”

Best bet, if the media even thinks you are as much as close to having a nuclear stockpile, it’s too late. They already do.

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