AOC Fails to Understand the Basics of the English Language

Sandy Cortez only has two things going for her. Those two things also have the words “Boston University” splashed across them.

With that aside, this esteemed member of the US House of Representatives sure does have a limited mastery of her Mother Tongue. What would her pals back home in Yorktown Heights say? You know Yorktown Heights, don’t you? That rather wealthy suburb in Westchester County.

Anyhow, the now re-branded Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has bestowed upon the world a rather amateurish home video (complete with rapid fire zoom-in and out) in which she slams those that have beyond an elementary school-level proficiency in the English language.

According to this chick, the “surge” of illegal immigrants flooding our southern border is actually a militaristic word.

Of course, Sandy sure gives the impression that anything involved with the military is automatically evil. I would refer to her as a dumb shit, but that would be insulting to feces that’s less than bright.

Allow me to illuminate the gentlewoman from Da Bronx: “Surge” is a word that’s used in many phrases that have absolutely nothing to do with the military.

Examples include:

  • Surge protector
  • Power surge
  • Surge suppressor
  • Surge tank
  • Storm surge
  • Surge line
  • Surge current
  • Tidal surge
  • Surge barrier

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