(VIDEO) Chauvin Trial: Prosecution Calls ‘Professional Witness’ who Charges $12,950

While watching the Chauvin Trial today, I was somewhat perplexed as to why Sgt Jody Stiger of the Los Angeles Police Department was called as a witness for the District Attorney’s Office prosecuting former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin.

After all, why would the DA’s Office seek the testimony of a police officer from a city over 1,500 miles away? I soon found out why. It turns out that Stiger prostitutes himself out as a professional witness.

For what seemed like an eternity, prosecutor Steve Schleicher had Stiger detail ad nauseum his career within the LAPD. It became glaringly obvious that Stiger hadn’t been a beat cop for many, many, many years.

But then, Schleicher asked a series of questions that seemed to my legalistically untrained mind that sure seemed to be self-defeating.

Starting at the 1:27:20, Schleicher double-checked with Stiger if he had been “retained” by the state of Minnesota as “an expert witness”, to wit; Stiger verified in the affirmative.

In other words, the taxpayers of Minnesota were paying for the testimony of essentially a hired gun. Only the very stupid would deny that the state already knew Stiger would find as “an expert witness” against Chauvin. Talk about a stacked deck.

Then it got really weird. Schleicher asked if Stiger offered his allegedly objective testimony for a price. Oh, yeah. He sure did, and what a hefty price tag his testimony comes to.

It turns out that for Stiger to examine any evidence of police misconduct, there is a flat-fee of $10,000. If you want his testimony in court, that’s an additional $2,950.

According to Stiger’s LinkedIn page, he has a sweet little side job as a professional “Law Enforcement Consultant.” He must have a lot of free time… him being assigned as an aide to the LAPD’s Inspector General.

From what I’ve gathered, an aide in the LAPD is pretty much the same as a Flag Officer’s aid in the military. Pretty much a cross between a glorified secretary and someone who goes to pick-up the the boss’s dry-cleaning.

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