Chauvin Trial: DA’s Hired Gun Admits to Multiple Meetings w/ Prosecutors BEFORE Trial Even Started

One would think that a so-called “expert witness” would conduct his or hers investigation in an objective fashion. But when it comes to Derek Chauvin, not so much.

For whatever bizarre reason, the Minneapolis DA’s Office has had to reach-out to an individual 1,500 miles away to testify as an “expert witness” against Chauvin.

Enter Sgt. Jody Stiger of the Los Angeles Police Department, who has a sweet side-gig as a “Law Enforcement Consultant.” By the way, if you want Stiger to take on your case AND actually testify, it’ll cost the taxpayers of your locale a nifty $12,950.

With that aside, during the course of Day 8 of the Chauvin Trial, defense attorney Eric Nelson asked Stiger if there were any pre-trial meetings between he and the prosecution team.

Keep in mind there is at least the expectation of fairness. One would think, huh?

Anyhow, when Nelson queried Stiger (at the 40:36 mark) if there were any meetings he had with the prosecution before the gavel even came down, Stiger answered in the affirmative.

Then Lawyer Nelson shifted into high gear.

Next question was if Stiger specifically conversed with prosecutors on Feb 1, Mar 3, Mar 11, and Apr 3? Stiger answered in the affirmative.

Nelson kicked it up a notch when he asked Stiger if he had a convo with prosecutors AFTER yesterday’s court session had come to an end.

Yet again, Stiger answered in the affirmative.

You know… if Chauvin’s guilty, then he deserves whatever punishment he gets. But is it asking too much that he at least gets a fair trial?

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