Biden to Fight ‘Gun Violence’ by Imposing New $200 Pistol Brace ‘Fee’ and Federal Watch List on Law-Abiding Citizens

Biden will turn honest people into criminals…

In the spirit of full disclosure, I personally own a pistol that has a stabilizing brace, much like the one in the photo above.

Little did I know that the federal government just might retroactively charge me even more. To add insult to injury, I would now have to be on a federal watch-list.

With that said, USA Today has noted that the Thief-in-Chief today stated, “Gun violence in this country is an epidemic.”

As seen in the video below, Xiden also stated that anyone who actually has a pistol with a stabilizing brace, he would make it incumbent upon the legal owners to “submit their name and other identifying information” to the Department of Justice.

So how would not only myself, but thousands of fellow Americans who followed the law when we legally purchased our pistols, exactly how is this suppose to keep criminals from committing real crimes?

The only thing Joe Chi Minh has is succeeding in would be turning decent people into criminals for taking a principled stand against an unjust law.

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