Biden Sr Advisor Fails to Grasp History, Constitution

One of Joe Chi Minh’s senior advisors just made an ass of himself on national television. Suitably, it was on MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show”.

Ex-congressman from Louisiana, Cedric Richmond, recently appeared on the liberal-leaning MSNBC network, specifically on uber-liberal “The Rachel Maddow Show” in his capacity as one of the senior advisors to the Thief-in-Chief.

Predictably, Richmond was railing against the Second Amendment. To be sure, Richmond attacked “Republicans and the NRA” of hiding behind the 2A in regards to said GOP’ers and the NRA of the same.

As seen in the video below, starting at the 2:50 mark, Richmond was already knee-deep into his someone needs to do “something about gun violence” rhetoric.

But then Richmond made some rather ignorant statements (emphasis mine); “When the Second Amendment was written, people were stuffing gunpowder into a musket to shoot. Now you have guns that can shoot 100 rounds in a minute, and that’s just completely different. These are weapons of war. They’re weapons of mass destruction.

A few things I’d like to pass on to Richmond;

  • When the Constitution was written, people wrote on parchment with quill pens. Since then, the internet, emails, thumb drives, etc., are protected by both the First and/or Fourth Amendments. By Richmond’s logic, none of the examples of modern technology should receive any Constitutional protections.
  • By the way, the first fully automatic weapon was invented in 1718, It was called the Puckle Gun. It actually pre-dates the Constitution by 58 years.
  • As a retired Marine, I feel safe in stating that “guns that can shoot 100 rounds in a minute” are called automatic weapons. While purchasing and owning a fully automatic weapon is legal, the average American simply can’t afford them.
  • The cost of a fully automatic weapon is upwards of $20,000 per as cited by the Washington Examiner. Then there’s the mountains of forms, background checks, extra taxes and fees, and a waiting list that takes upwards of an entire year. In fact, fully automatic weapons are actually quite rare in the United States.
  • Regarding the overwhelming number of the types of firearms owned by everyday, law-abiding American citizens, what exactly is it that qualifies our property as “weapons of war” or “weapons of mass destruction”? The only thing that may qualify them as such would be because their black and scary looking.
  • Possibly Richmond was referring to firearms such as AR-15s being semi-automatic. Do you know who else uses semi-automatic weapons? The Boy Scouts of America, that’s who.

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