Anti-Meat-Based Beer: Chuckie Schumer Wins the Most Staged Photo Ever Award

What a yutz.

All foam, no beer…

I want to believe that the leader of the majority party in the United States Senate isn’t a complete moron.

A little goofy is OK, but someone stupid enough to believe that the average American will fall for cheap theatrics… that’s just a little too much to bear.

For whatever bizarre reason, Chuckie fails to understand that hops, barley and rice are what beers are based on.

Speaking only for myself, I hear those mineral-based and pork-based beers really suck. Maybe Chuckles should hit up the new Kamala Brewing Company’s “Willie Brown Bock.” It’s a human fluid-based beer.

I hear that Harris is really down with that.

But to emphasize what a complete doofus this buffoon is, here are just a couple of quotes Chuckie slurred through while visiting McSorley’s Old Ale House in Manhattan during St. Patrick’s Day. As reported by CNN;

Gushing with enthusiasm, Schumer repeatedly wished the McSorley’s crowd, “Happy St. Patrick’s Day month!”

“I love the Irish!” Schumer exclaimed, pausing to cheers the owner of ale house. “They are a people-loving people.”

Well, I guess that beats the hell out of the Irish being a plant-loving people.

One other thing, Schumer lets slip that he knows as much about beer as he does the dangers of sitting too close to a television;

Amid several rounds of “light” beer (Schumer preferred “light” to the bar’s only other option, “dark”)…

I quit drinking decades ago, but I trust no man who doesn’t know the difference between Stouts and Porters to Pale Ales and Pilsners.

That’s just Manhood 101.

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