Anti-Meat-Based Beer: Chuckie Schumer Wins the Most Staged Photo Ever Award

What a yutz.

All foam, no beer…

I want to believe that the leader of the majority party in the United States Senate isn’t a complete moron.

A little goofy is OK, but someone stupid enough to believe that the average American will fall for cheap theatrics… that’s just a little too much to bear.

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This is Exactly Why Conservatives Should be Happy with the Chauvin Conviction

Put the cop haters on the defensive…

Speaking only for myself, I did watch an awful lot of the Chauvin trial on C-SPAN. Interestingly enough, as cited by AP News via US News & World Report, defense attorney Eric Nelson made sure that experts testified on Chauvin’s use of force (emphasis mine);

Chauvin attorney Eric Nelson called a police use-of-force expert and a forensic pathologist to help make the case that Chauvin acted reasonably against a struggling suspect and that Floyd died because of an underlying heart condition and his illegal drug use.

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(VIDEO) Georgia Divinity Professor’s Prayer: Help Me ‘Hate White People’, Specifically, ‘The Nice Ones’

Rev. Dr. Chanequa Walker-Barnes

The Theology of Hate…

Mercer University is not only the oldest private school of higher learning in Georgia, it was also once formerly affiliated with the Georgia Baptist Convention. Wisely, the Baptists chose to officially cut ties with Mercer back in 2005.

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Homeless Vets 0, Illegals 15,600; NY’s Cuomo Vows $2.1 Billion to ‘Undocumented’ Aliens, $0 for Homeless Veterans

I have to be honest. If I were a New York state taxpayer, I’s be uber-pissed. After all, the Luv Gov has promised that nearly 200,000 illegal aliens residing in the Empire State will be receiving up to $15,600 each due to the (fraudulent) COVID so-called pandemic.

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